Frustrations = Free stuff for YOU!!!

Happy Friday to YOU!!!!!

I'm easily frustrated with people that choose to be NOT NICE!  I really don't know how people decide to be mean and unhappy all the time?????? 

I want to change them and make them see how fun it is to be NICE and look on the bright side... etc, etc, etc. (I'm pretty sure you only use one etc) HA.

So in an attempt to turn this topsy-turvy world into a better place...Here is a free character sketch!  Made by me :)

At UNCW a student presented a really cool character analysis from a novel with a stickman note taking.... needless to say.  Over eleven years, I have tweaked it to be my own baby.  I have added and taken away so many times.  I think this is the poster I currently have up.  It is my goal as a novel evidence task they would draw their own character and add the elements they want and use this as a guide.

Success.... My students have absolutely loved this and their artwork is so unique.  They add so many different descriptions, details, and illustrations/symbols from the story.  I love this activity and I hope you do too!  You can download it on TPT @

Please leave a positive rating if you love it!!!!  I really appreciate it!! Or if you have suggestions on how to make it better just comment below and I can reload the document or email it to you. 

Have a great weekend. 

I would love to hear how you use any character sketches in reading/writing/ social studies...

Cheers~ Tara

Next Year Resolutions; Linky Party

Good Evening Ladies and Gents~

Hop on over to Joy in 6th for a summer linky party!

My first resolution is to blog more.
Today was our first day of End of Grade tests.
NC passed the education lottery a few years back to HELP EDUCATION...
We currently are losing 61 teacher assistant positions...
Lifted the class size...
Wait for it....
Yes... NOW have 4 EOGs; reading, math, science and social studies.
one of my resolutions is to educate our local government about teachers and kids!!!! Doidoi

~ Tara

EOG, End of Grade TESTS, OH, how I love them.......

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, here is my spin on EOG testing.  No we don't like it.  Maybe even despise it, however, society needs to make sure we are teaching and the kids are learning.

So, what is my personal spin? 

A motivational movie clip per day. 

Here are a few.  Most of these sports/ motivational clips can cross over to other areas of a students' life. 

Here is the one about not underestimating your own abilities.
This is from the movie Facing the Giants, Deathcrawl Scene

This video is about giving your best just this one time. 
Video of Miracle Pre-game speech.
Warning, it does say sucks at the end.

This may not be relevant to your children, but this video is about working together and not arguing and fighting.  Remember, I teach fifth grade now.  Possible a little strong for younger children.  I'm not sure I would show this to third graders.

This video is from Space Jam with Michael Jordan.  Motivational to show kids you have the talent all along, you don't need anything special besides your own greatness.

This video is from Pursuit of Happyness about always believe in yourself.  Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something.

This is a hilarious video about students treating the standardized tests like the Hunger Games.  So funny and good for test taking skills.

Perfect High School Speech, How bad do you want to be successful in life?  Great for older kids, a little hard to hear.

Michael Jordan's Nike Commericial about how failure has lead to his successes in life. GREAT to put numbers up on the board as a visual!!!!

This is my video for today, very powerful. Can be applied to all parts of life for success.

~ Tara

Novel Vs. Movie Freebie

Now that we are moving towards common core, there has been less and less time for extra activities unless they strongly support the curriculum. 

Therefore, I wanted to create a book vs. movie chart where students could write explicitly about the differences.  I could take this as an overall informal assessment on understanding the major differences between the two.  Because... let's face it.... we all love the book more!!!

I hope you enjoy.  Happy Tuesday night!

~ Tara

Genetics FREEBIE

Hi Everyone,
Are you so excited it's approaching summer? I am!!!!  I'm working on getting a bunch of teaching activities out there I have been working on this past year.  It has been a busy but wonderful year in fifth grade.  I have had the best-est teachers to work with!  They have embraced my mild ADHD (LOL, extreme), grammatically challenged, and hyper, laughing, nonsensical self. 
Here is a hereditary sort that you could use before teaching genetics or after to help them explain what they know. 


First, we viewed, science, human body, then genetics or heredity.  Then the students had to discuss each of the cards and decide if they were learned behaviors or inherited traits.  Enjoy and have fun.  Just a few more weeks and all teachers will be working on rejuvenating themselves for the next year. 

I would love to hear you comments on what you like or think I should change. 

Everyone who leaves a comment and or is a new follower in the next week (before 5/11), I will give you this unit for free when I post it on teachers pay teachers.  It includes experiments, probes for introductory thinking, six human body systems, cell unit, and genetics.  Each unit also comes with a multiple choice tests with answer keys that help prepare students for Common Core assessments in fifth grade science.  Hope to hear from youz guyz soon!

Chow ~ Tara