Teacher Steals and Deals

Evening Peeps,

Usually I'm pretty reserved about signing up for every gimmick out there, but I totally took the bait on this one and it paid off big time. On Naeir website you have to work at a non-profit organization, i.e. teacher, to be able to sign up to shop online. Kind of like an online Costco for teachers or other non-profit. Here's the catch. The resources they have are all donations and the handling fee you pay is minimal.

For example, I purchased six post-it dry erase surfaces for $3.00 each thinking they were 12x12 inches. I know I totally didn't read the description, but don't even play like you've never made that mistake. Holy-moly was that a great mistake. I received six huge rolls of this miracle dry erase contact paper that turns any poop brown 1980's board into small group magic.

Drawback is that, it took me three months to get approved. But hey, it's not like we don't spend money on supplies all year. 

In the words of Maui, 'You're welcome'! 

Night y'all!

And here I have documented for you, my very first time dumpster diving for a retainer for a sweet little girl who was going to get the 5th degree for losing it... again. Unfortunately, we still use styrofoam plates, is there anything else.... uggghhhhhhhh!

Maui, You're welcome!