History Related Kid Snippets and History Review Videos

Have I told you how much I love Kid Snippets? LOL

Well, it adds a little humor to the fun rigamaroar of test prep.  Oiiiivay..... I'm not sure I'm going to make it.

And now, on to the more serious review videos.  My new favorite subscription is to Learning Instantly on Youtube.  These history, science, and math videos are created by middle school students.  Sure to keep the attention of your upper elementary kiddos.  Enjoy.

I can't wait to see how the kids react to these great educational videos tomorrow.  HA!

New EOG Videos for Motivation

Last year when I posted End of Grade motivational videos I was mainly using videos I used in third grade.  Since then, I added a few more for 9-11 year olds.  I think middle school kids would enjoy them as well.  In North Carolina we are getting ready to embark on our End of Grade Testing the week of June 3rd-6th.  So the review becomes critical in helping kids remember most of the spiral review they have learned all year.  I'm all about hands on learning and real world projects, but the world shifts and everything becomes testing oriented two to three weeks prior to End of Grade Testing.

Please preview these videos to make sure they are appropriate for your children.  Some of them may be strong or have gymnastics girls in leotards.  We live at the beach, so in a sense our children are desensitized to seeing girls in swimwear.  Plus, it's the Olympics so it is televised on public tv.  I don't know, just wanted to put a warning out there.  I know some parents can be really sensitive. :)
This video is Coach Flowers inspiring his football team before the game. 

Eric Thomas: Focus

Dream- Motivational Video

I love this dance routine and the message behind the song. 


2012 Olympics: Gabby Douglas at 25:00 minutes

2012 Olympics: Jessica Weiber at 6:00

So anyhow, I hope you are hanging in there.  Let me know how you are motivating your children at the end of the year for test prep. 

Summer is just a day or two away!!!!