Why I Broke Up with Office Depot

Why I broke up with Office Depot:
After 11 long years, I finally called it quits with my teacher, class, extracurricular activities, supply distributer. I have been faithful and feel there hasn't been any wrongdoing on my part. I came to make my usual purchase of composition notebooks this year. Yes, I teach about 100 awesome and sometimes smelly fifth graders. I equally attempt to keep them e
ngaged in class by using interactive note-booking techniques. Composition notebooks are great for this because they are tough mudders and can take a beating all year. Usually, they are $.25 which is why I was elated when I found out they were only $.10. Yes, I scored the mother load!!!! "But the limit is 3" friends would say. Nahhhhh, they always let me do repeat purchases for teachers. Hah, was I fooled.

I can in and stocked up and proceeded to ask for a manager. Teachers are always causing trouble as they slink up to the counter and ask for a discount. (You don't see other professions asking all the time for a discount do you? Nope) But teachers think they are special, or at least I do. The manager on duty proceeded to tell me it wasn't possible to purchase that many at the discount price. I asked why not? I had always been able to in the past. I explained it wasn't allowed to be added to our supply list, blah, blah, blah... he rudely replied.... "Ma'am, WE HAVE TO SAVE SOME FOR THE CHILDREN!" Wholly SNAPS- ARE YOU FOR FREAKIN REAL? I then turned into Madea and asked, "what do you think, I'm going to go home and COLOR in 100 NOTEBOOKS?? It is for the children, in fact, I'm saving parents a trip or they would be buying these notebooks." Short story shorter, we went a few rounds, I was really trying my FBI techniques on him trying to get him to budge. He said I was, "taking away from their bottom line." I told him they wouldn't take anything out of his paycheck if he scanned my products 33 times. it went on and on. At the end of the day, I am a terrible negotiator, I lost. But here's the catch. Nothing would have taken from the bottom line. I have purchased thousands of dollars of supplies yearly for our recycling program, science Olympiad, field trips, and basic school bulk orders. Ink recycling has gotten harder and harder, until I realized. I didn't need Office Depot. They were using me, I could be just as happy with Staples or Wal-Mart or EVEN ( I shudder) ONLINE ORDERING.... So you win Office Depot, I will not bother you or even scream at other shoppers as they enter your doors. I will take the higher road and take my butt to Costco or Staples! See YA!

So I called customer service and someone who knew very little English tried to help me... I asked for a supervisor in customer service....30 minutes of... So what is you problem again? I don't understand. Really?

I'm so thankful for all the kind strangers that offered to purchase notebooks for my students and all my family and friends that have been stealing from their bottom line to get what the kids need! Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Where is Tyler Perry when you need HIM?

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