Building Each Other Up

        Some of my favorite things about working in a school, networking with other bloggers, teaching different professional development and going to workshops is the chance to meet and work with some  of the best-est teachers on Earth. This is my friend across the hall Mrs. A. She does a math wall each nine-weeks. It literally is her go to for all the important math skills they need to know and takes the place of 20 anchor charts. She doesn't have one white board in her room,  but she makes it work and her students grow by leaps and bounds and she has the data to back that up. Don't forget a cute jingle to help the repetition stick. She laminates the paper at the end of the nine weeks and puts up a fresh sheet. She saves them for the end of the year prep for testing. Yes, you guessed it, those are fraction bars glued up there. 

        Have you ever written a Student Treasures Book for your whole class? This is my writing friend's bulletin board on North Carolina's A-Z Book. Students research and write about some of the most important people, places and things that take place in North Carolina. They also illustrate a letter with those symbols and pictures inside the letter. The whole book can be purchased as a nice souvenir of their 4th grade year. 
           Here's a peek at the third grade awesome- sauce going on down the hall. This is our master bulletin board maker extraordinaire Mrs. D. Her bulletin boards are so funky-fresh and up to date. I'm serious y'all, she keeps them up to date all year. 
        Who doesn't love comparing fairy tales? 
        Whoooooo.... whooooo.... whooooo's peeping some amazing owls? I know I am. These kids and this art teacher blow me away with their artistic abilities. 
        Seriously, can I sign up for a class? 
         Have a fantastic day teacher friends!

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