Frustrations = Free stuff for YOU!!!

Happy Friday to YOU!!!!!

I'm easily frustrated with people that choose to be NOT NICE!  I really don't know how people decide to be mean and unhappy all the time?????? 

I want to change them and make them see how fun it is to be NICE and look on the bright side... etc, etc, etc. (I'm pretty sure you only use one etc) HA.

So in an attempt to turn this topsy-turvy world into a better place...Here is a free character sketch!  Made by me :)

At UNCW a student presented a really cool character analysis from a novel with a stickman note taking.... needless to say.  Over eleven years, I have tweaked it to be my own baby.  I have added and taken away so many times.  I think this is the poster I currently have up.  It is my goal as a novel evidence task they would draw their own character and add the elements they want and use this as a guide.

Success.... My students have absolutely loved this and their artwork is so unique.  They add so many different descriptions, details, and illustrations/symbols from the story.  I love this activity and I hope you do too!  You can download it on TPT @

Please leave a positive rating if you love it!!!!  I really appreciate it!! Or if you have suggestions on how to make it better just comment below and I can reload the document or email it to you. 

Have a great weekend. 

I would love to hear how you use any character sketches in reading/writing/ social studies...

Cheers~ Tara

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Amanda said...

Wow, I am scoring all kinds of fantastic freebies from you tonight! Thanks again for this great biography project. I especially like the rubric being included. Thank you. You rock!!

The Teaching Thief