Genetics FREEBIE

Hi Everyone,
Are you so excited it's approaching summer? I am!!!!  I'm working on getting a bunch of teaching activities out there I have been working on this past year.  It has been a busy but wonderful year in fifth grade.  I have had the best-est teachers to work with!  They have embraced my mild ADHD (LOL, extreme), grammatically challenged, and hyper, laughing, nonsensical self. 
Here is a hereditary sort that you could use before teaching genetics or after to help them explain what they know. 


First, we viewed, science, human body, then genetics or heredity.  Then the students had to discuss each of the cards and decide if they were learned behaviors or inherited traits.  Enjoy and have fun.  Just a few more weeks and all teachers will be working on rejuvenating themselves for the next year. 

I would love to hear you comments on what you like or think I should change. 

Everyone who leaves a comment and or is a new follower in the next week (before 5/11), I will give you this unit for free when I post it on teachers pay teachers.  It includes experiments, probes for introductory thinking, six human body systems, cell unit, and genetics.  Each unit also comes with a multiple choice tests with answer keys that help prepare students for Common Core assessments in fifth grade science.  Hope to hear from youz guyz soon!

Chow ~ Tara

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