EOG, End of Grade TESTS, OH, how I love them.......

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, here is my spin on EOG testing.  No we don't like it.  Maybe even despise it, however, society needs to make sure we are teaching and the kids are learning.

So, what is my personal spin? 

A motivational movie clip per day. 

Here are a few.  Most of these sports/ motivational clips can cross over to other areas of a students' life. 

Here is the one about not underestimating your own abilities.
This is from the movie Facing the Giants, Deathcrawl Scene

This video is about giving your best just this one time. 
Video of Miracle Pre-game speech.
Warning, it does say sucks at the end.

This may not be relevant to your children, but this video is about working together and not arguing and fighting.  Remember, I teach fifth grade now.  Possible a little strong for younger children.  I'm not sure I would show this to third graders.

This video is from Space Jam with Michael Jordan.  Motivational to show kids you have the talent all along, you don't need anything special besides your own greatness.

This video is from Pursuit of Happyness about always believe in yourself.  Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something.

This is a hilarious video about students treating the standardized tests like the Hunger Games.  So funny and good for test taking skills.

Perfect High School Speech, How bad do you want to be successful in life?  Great for older kids, a little hard to hear. 

Michael Jordan's Nike Commericial about how failure has lead to his successes in life. GREAT to put numbers up on the board as a visual!!!!

This is my video for today, very powerful. Can be applied to all parts of life for success.

~ Tara

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