Uncle Drew 1, 2, &3

Here we Go!  I'm so excited to take a little amount of time to post youtube videos on my blog.  There are several benefits I can see to using this method.  (You know a list is coming!  LOL)

1.  You can show this in class without other videos popping up at the end.  Just make sure you select no pop up selections after the video.
2.  Students can view this after school, at home, in a safe environment, again... they don't have to scroll through 'other stuff' to get to the video you posted.
3.  You can always find the video you wanted to show... always!  Because it's on your blog!  Wah- lah!  Can't wait to post more motivational videos.

My Brother and Sister in law introduced me to these awesome videos put out there by Pepsi.  Gotta love some NBA Players!  Your kiddos will love this media trickery.  I feel a writing prompt coming up viewing these videos.... Hmmmmm.

~ Tara

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