One Large Man- A New Perspective

Judge me on my grammar and I will cut you!
       Taking a short break from creating lessons I wandered into Southport.  One to just take in the waterfront view, two to pick up stupid stuff from Wally world.  Hair ties, bobby pins (thanks to Kayla wearing a cute do today), eye liner, blah, blah, blah..... On my way to see if they have size 4T khaki pants.  A large... no LARGE man comes straight my way!  Not large like big/fat, large like line-backer (football right???? Ha) LARGE! Not only did he come straight my way... at 10:29,59 but he hugged me!  All up in my bad attitude, I don't want to be at Walmart, up in MY SPACE HUGGED ME!  Then he looked straight at me and said 'Remember ME?'
         In a matter of milliseconds (not sure if that's possible) I said yes and said his name!  He was shocked I remembered his name.  I will say it is extremely hard to recognize some kids after they mature into adulthood when I knew them back, way back inthe day.  We laughed, smiled, and hugged some more.  This time I was in his personal space(not in a call the law kindof way).  The biggest, my whole heart kind of hug!  The kind of hug that makes salt water squeeze out of your eyes kind of HUG!
       As I checked out I was smiling like an idiot, straight up idiot!
       Driving home I came to this conclusion.  We are in each others' lives for brief moments of time.  I had the honor of teaching HIM, along with numerous others over the years.  My world of WALLS came down and I could for the very first time see how special every amazing teacher is to someone!  T-ball coaches, boy scouts, pre-school, private, day cares, in home care, foster parents, grandparents taking the role of parents, PARENTS, friends that coach us through rough tough and sour parts of our lives, battleship teachers, sunday school teachers, aquarium teachers, high school teachers, middle, coaches, band directors, mahjong (I really want to learn how to play), doulas, fitness coaches, nannies, tutors, job training, dive instructors, even MEAN people have a role to play in teaching us.  For a small moment of time I'm so happy with being a teacher.
        Remembering all the amazing kids that parents have allowed and trusted me with their child for an entire year or longer. And while the child is eager for the end of the day to come, each and every day, I will remember them.  I will etch in my mind a piece of them for years down the road. The sense of humor (or lack thereof), organizational skills (I still don't have that one down), smiles, giggles, endless talking, farting, sweet notes, sweet gestures, small little things that are so unique and individual to our personalities.  They are embeded in our minds.  Our paths may not cross for 10 or 20 years but a name will come to my mind because I will remember the awesome child they were that played an amazing role in my classroom community.  I will remember them and just maybe... they will remember me.
        Then I remembered something awesome I want to do tomorrow in history.... LOL.  My overactive brain took me away from my thoughts however my heart is still singing and my face is still smiling.

With a happy heart- Good night!

~ Tara

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