How to add a HYPERLINK to your TPT Description

Snow, snow go away, come again..... NEVER!  I live in FREAKING North Carolina, on the coast!  Minutes from the BEACH!  I don't want fluffy white snow.  I want soft, crunchy, hot, scorching sand, salt water and SUN! 

Okay, I will admit it was fun to enjoy my two girls excitement about making snow angels, sledding (in laundry baskets and boogie boards) down an otherwise dangerous hill. 
 This one makes me think of the fabulous movie FROZEN!  Do you want to build a snowman?

That would be my fabulous husband, who gets the father of the year award.  I get the photographer/ mother award.  Hahaha  No seriously, I guess I can handle a snow day or two.  But we have been out of school all week, and I can't help but think we are going to have to make this all up on WARM DAYS.  Oiiii.


I'm sure there are several tutorials out there.  Apparently, it takes me a while to find the right one when I need to learn something.  So I spend countless minutes searching until, oh joy, finally what I was searching for. 

Here's how to create a hyperlink in your TPT file! 

What you will need:

1.  The title of the item you wish to link to in your store.
2.  Copy and paste the web address to that item

Next, open a new window and travel to this amazing blog: Gordon's Blog.
He has this handy, dandy hyperlink generator.  Fascinating I know.


Paste the URL or web address to your store item in the URL box.
Then, type the title of your store item. (this is the pretty blue words that will ultimately send your beloved shopper to your other item)
Press the submit button!

And wah-lahhhhhh!

Copy and paste that long-butt code into your TPT description and you have a handy-dandy hyperlink that will take them to some other fabulous item in your store in a hink-pink click. 

F to the Y to the Izzy Izzy EYE!  You can also do this to insert a hyperlink for your blog when you leave sweet comments to other bloggers.

~ Tara

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