Another snow day and another tomorrow.  Of course the safety of our children is so important, but I'm going stir crazy.  At least today we had the opportunity to sled a little.  Now granted it was on boogie boards and in laundry baskets.  But nonetheless, we went sledding. 

Here is a flash freebie you can get for the next week.  It's an ecosystem total review.  You can print the notes pages or you can print the student pages for them to fill in as they learn.  Such flexibility.  I would love to hear your positive feedback on this product.  Many times I put stuff out there and it takes about 200 downloads before I hear anything.  I guess that's the life of teachers pay teachers.  I'm sorry I haven't looked into a drop box to load this document.  If you follow my tpt store I usually offer great (wink, wink) discounts when I first post items. 

Also, I tried to come up with a creative name for this set of study sheets.  T.O.P.P  Test Opportunity Prep & Pass!!!!!   I know I want my kids to have a comprehensive study guide before big tests and could never find anything.  So ultimately I would write or type my own study guide.  Please let me know how you like this product or how I can make it better.  Thanks.

You can click on the pictures or use this link.

Stay warm and safe. Is it too early to start a summer countdown?

~ Tara

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