So Nervous! and other Random Babbeling Stuff....

I am working on putting together my first workshop.  Oh, crap!  What did I sign up for.  Ahhhh!!! Also, I am one of those people that it takes me quite a while to get focused on my computer.  There are so many things to distract someone out there.  However, I took a nap today.  So I have already painted my nails, and not just any paint!  I did the 30 minute whole gel nail system so they will stay on for two weeks.  Ooooiiiiii, am I going to get focused tonight? 

On the other hand, I love all the great feedback on my new font!  Yay! However, I'm worrying about the two or three 3.5 ratings on free items.  Seriously, if it's free and you don't like it or it's not perfect, why down rate the item.  I'm just saying.... but I can't let go of (I really need to) the 3 out of 128 perfect scores on my TPT products.  I know a 3.5 is not horrible, but come on people it's free!  Okay, that rant is over.

Back to the workshop.... (I'm a little unfocused, ya think?)

There are a few things I know for sure when I do this mini workshop.  I know the kinds of workshops I love to attend.  I love when I'm treated like a professional.  You know a fun welcome, coffee and fruit (new year, everyone's going to be on healthy goals). If they don't like what they get at least they will get a good cup of joe! Ha

Not speaking down to the teachers about what social studies integrated with language arts, but asking about what they already implement, brainstorm new ideas and leave (hopefully) feeling rejuvenated with new ideas and perspectives.

Another thing I love about a great workshop is when you leave with something you can take directly back and use in the classroom.  I plan on having a 30 minute make and take so teachers can directly implement (or not) the skills in the classroom.

Make the conversation truly common core.  Provide an idea and allow the teachers to create instruction, lessons, and activities directly on the spot!  Not just use an hour and a half, but make it part of their planning they can take right back to the kids. 

I would love to hear what your idea of a great hour and half workshop should offer!!!!

~ Tara


Amanda said...

I love the idea of a "make and take" at the end. I am one of those people who loves to implement ideas the next day. I also appreciate being treated like a professional! I think you are right on.

I'm presenting a session at I Teach K! this summer and am nervous about it but excited to be able to go at the same time!

A Very Curious Class

Tara said...

Thanks Amanda for your support! I'm getting my agenda down and it's feeling a little more comfortable. I also have a bagel company and a teacher store that will donate food and materials! Yay, it's getting real!

Shannon said...

First of all, can I come to your workshop??

Second of all, I hope you share on here what y'all did and made!

Third of all, food is always good!

Fourth of all, you will rock it!

Fifth of all, don't worry about negative people.

That was a pretty good pattern, don't ya think??

Good luck with your workshop-and seriously SHARE!