Good Evening YOU amazing teachers out there!

This is how focused I am.  I am supposed to be working on lesson plans, laundry, workshop materials......something.... anything other than PLAYING.  But here I am working on a new FONT.  What?!?! You heard that correctly!  Here is my sweet Little Ladybug Alice Font!  One of my besties at work loves, adores, cherishes, ladybugs!  Recently she has went through a more than difficult time.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about her, therefore, pooffff.... a new font was created. 

I love my friend dearly.  If you have ever known someone close to you that has gone through a difficult time, you know the only thing you want to do (relieve them of the pain and hurt) you just can't.  You can't say any of the right words, do the right things..... all you can do is just be there and pray.  Pray it will go by fast, heal with sweet memories, and be able to enjoy life again... one day. One day at a time. 

Here is the font and the link to my store.  I have been inspired by so many amazing teachers, I hope this might inspire you to create something cute and thoughtful for your kiddos.  I would love to hear about what you make!

Here is the link:

Enjoy, I would love to hear your positive feedback.  And please always let me know if I have majorly screwed up anywhere!  Goodnight youz guyz!!!!
~ Tara

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