New Year, New FONT! Yay!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

There are so many things I'm excited about this coming year. 

ONE is my new FONT! 

Here is an example of what it looks like.

Here is the file for you to download.  Enjoy!  Happy 2014!

~ Tara


Shannon said...

So it's your 1st font to make, and it's my 1st font to download. How do I use it for documents after it's downloaded? :)

And then how do I give credit to you?

I am sort of smart about some stuff....


Tara said...

Not a problem... I need to create a button you can tag on the end of a commercial product, but otherwise just a little shout out like: font by tarapaige is fine.

Again, I think if you are just using it in the classroom or for personal stuff, probably not necessary. This is new to me also. But I'm sure for commercial stuff, it's nice if someone likes your items it directs them back to my store.

It's new to me, so I appreciate you asking. I'm sure it will take me years to accumulate all the fonts I want to make. :)