Writer's Workshop Phase 1

Create New Writer's Offices

Check AND here's a freebie for you!  (PS... Please-oh-please-oh-please follow me!  I have great stuff to share all the time!) 

I love MONDAY LINKY party with 4th Grade Frolics!!!!!

The first page has three options: Two different background colors and a blank...
WHY blank you ask...
I will tell you!
Because I like to buy beautiful stationary paper for a dollar or two and not burn up my color printer. 

But YOU might have a color ink cartridge to burn up,
so print on baby,
print on!!!

Here's what they look like and the plan that ultimately goes on the back of the folder.  I laminate the writer's offices and allow the students to work their plans with a wipe off marker.  Also, I will include a picture of how they can work this plan into a regular sheet of notebook paper.  And wah-lah!  An instant writing plan for any paper!

Oh, and how could I forget.... Common core goals at the bottom of the page!!  Yah-baby, you know you like that!!!! 

So here's the link and don't forget to follow my TPT store as well for freebies!

Nighty- night!!!

~ Tara


Brandee Green said...

I'm following via Bloglovin! :) Thanks for the freebie. :)
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Hoots and Hollers said...

Just found you through Made-It Monday and am a new follower with bloglovin and google. Glad to find you! Thanks for sharing the freebie...

Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

Tara said...

Thank you Brandee and Sarah!!! I'm going to check into which grades you girls teach. I'm pushing out a bunch of 3-6 grade material and I wanna share, share, share. :)Spread the word. Tara