Amazing and Wonderful FREE Graphic Paper & Clip Art


I love thinking about school!  Even during the summer!

I have had school on my brain as I have been creating new items for my classroom.

I have also been taking baby steps on how to create all these amazing resources such as those famous blog guys and gals.

Here's what I have found to be AMAZING so far!

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

The most amazing free fonts! It might take a little bit of research to upload fonts.  Like I said, I'm still new at all this. 

Here are wonderful backgrounds and clip art for free! Amazing stuff people!!!  Read the terms of use!!!  She has amazing video tutorials as well.

backgrounds - images - clip art
My Cute Graphics has some of the BEST school, kid, life clip art for free! And a Commercial Use as well! 

Also, don't forget to read the TERMS OF USE for each of these web pages, blogs, or TPT sales.  I think it is very bad to misuse these resources these people have worked so diligently to create for free. So don't abuse the privilege.  THANKS!

I hope if you are just beginning to create resources for your website, blog, TPT, or other stuff you might find some of these resources helpful. 

AND- Don't forget, if you need a referral for Teachers Pay Teachers, you can grab my referral code in the upper left and I'd be happy to get you started!

Chow- ~ Tara

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