Photo Dumping or What? American Revolution and more

Sorry in advance.
I haven't been on in a while so I decided to do a little photo dumping tonight.  You're welcome:)
 This is our pre and post assessment for the American Revolution.  There is a wooden box of tea, crown, lantern, Declaration, Constiution, sugar, lobster, coins, Thomas Paine's Common Sense and more.  Students are able to take an assessment on 5 items they can write about that deal with the American Revolution.  It makes a great pretest because students don't know much about these items beforehand.  I love this kind of probe because students really have to dig into more than a simple fact to explain an object and it's significance to the Revolution.

Oh, and a quill.
 Here's a glimpse into our interactive notebook.  This is available on my TPT store, or you can find plenty of great ideas and resources out there.  I have really enjoyed creating materials that fit perfectly into my style of teaching and allow multiple ways for students to learn.
 Yes, I'm the horrible teacher they talk about that taxed the children to sit in chairs.  But, let's be fair, shall we? They only have me for 70 minutes and they get their money back in the end.... after they rebel.  I have put a decree on my door for the last two years about taxes as we are learning about the French and Indian War and the beginning of taxes.  Somehow, those smart little whipper-snappers learn about the Sons of Liberty really quick and fashion their own petition.  I love it!!  Taxes, chairs, students saying "Long live the King" and me with my crown on.  The kids collected 50 signatures on the petition in a half day.  I could go on and on about this, but it truly is a great learning experience! They secretly love the chance to rebel while having a little fun.
 A closer look into our notebook.
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