Boston Massacre Crime Scene Take II

Here's how we set up the crime scene and how it played out with the children.
Here are a few more pictures to share with you about our crime scene.  Students were just beginning to settle in class.  It was a dreaded MONDAY, yikes and oiiii.  It was a dreaded MONDAY before Thanksgiving break... even more groans and squalls.  Anyhow, I was trying to think of something that would be a meaningful, memorable experience (since, let's face it... I have to be at school and some of them are taking an early vacation). Not to mention the barometric pressure was LOW and it was raining outside.  Raining like CATS and DOGS!!  Not a chance of letting them run off their red dye infused candy off during recess (don't blame me, I didn't give it to them)!! Anyhow...
So I wandered onto Pinterest where alas, did I find an amazing teacher who talked about setting up this simulation.  But, as you know, that's all I had to go on.  So for the entire Sunday afternoon, I began thinking of different items or symbolic representations that might have been around at the time.  I also, being a science Olympiad coach, had a roll of crime scene tape! Waaah- lah!
I jazzied up some printables, evidence bag labels, FBI envelope top secret cover, top secret letter from the president, made FBI Agent badges, and so much more.....
Labored intensely for an hour prior to block 1.
Block one entered.  I could tell they were excited to learn them up some history for the day.... YAWN.... NOT!!!!!  So I told them to sharpen extra pencils for their 200 question history test on the American Revolution.  Yep, you got it!  That woke their sorry little butts up. 
I'm just kidding.  I really have a bad sarcastic sense of humor, if you couldn't tell.
Now.... what's this? A TOP SECRET MESSAGE ON MY DESK?  FROM THE... WHO? THE PRESIDENT? HE wants us to WHAT? And yep, FBI badges and an official report.  They were hook, line and sinker.  I escorted them down to the room where the crime scene was blocked off with Caution Crime Scene Tape and personally checked badges for entrance to the scene.  Did a little explainin' and let them go.  I helped as needed, however, I didn't have to redirect any of them! Any, not one!!
With the exception of a little hunting and gathering, you can pick up this unit for a low cost on my TPT store.  Have a great night teacher friends!!!

~ Tara

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