Teachers Pay Teachers

Happy Monday Everyone!

I'm so excited it's officially the first day of summer!  The girls are napping after a long morning of swim lessons.  Whoooo hooo!  Here are a few of the things that excite me about the summer.

I am really enjoying getting a bunch of my teacher files on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
Old and new, some for free and some for cheap. 

I am really interested in all this digital design and I'm trying one new thing after another. 

My blog will have a new makeover soon! (Totally not by me! HA, I messed this one up pretty bad!)

I get to visit with family and friends that live states away!!!  Here we come GA and FL!!!

My family gets to come visit us at the beach!

We get to take daily visits to the beach, pool, aquarium, and ....... nooooo classroom.

I've been looking at some of the most dedicated teachers and their classrooms, and I think to myself... Man I'm a slacker.  Not this year!  My classroom is going to be 'swell'.  No beach pun intended.

Well off we go... TPT...
IF you have your own ideas, create your own classroom materials, worksheets, activities, etc.  YOU need to sign up for TPT.  It is painless I promise.  What's even better than an end of the year evaluation is all the teachers that will LOVE your stuff.  Here is my link so you can sign up under my name (brownie points) and if you have any questions I'm just an email away. 

I know teachers are some of the hardest workers I know, so make a little dough! Thanks to Jenn Jones at
Grab My Button for creating this blog button above!

~ Tara

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