Hello BLOG world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been traveling the east coast and enjoying my summer to the fullest.  I am officially checking back in.  Here are a few things to remember when you see your posts from me this year. 
1.  My littlest babe is now 2, so my grammar is going to be especially atrocious.
2.  I'm now in fifth grade!!!! Hip- hip- horray!!!!!  I'm so excited, I taught fifth grade 8 years ago and cannot wait to dive back in.  With the new common core, this is a great transition year!
3.  I love hands on learning (well a balanced education, it can't all be hands on) and common core has finally started to swing in that direction with student centered learning.
4.  Love that common core will connect more teachers nationally....!!!!!!  whoooohoooo!
5.  I will be posting items for our grade sharing projects as well.  We will be teaming with a second grade class!!!!!  My mermaid sister at that... how magical!
6.  I will be focusing mainly on reading, social studies, science, and communication skills.
hmmmmmm.... that's all for now....

~ Tara

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Amanda said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed your summer to the fullest! Sometimes we teachers loose sight of that. Welcome back to a new year! :)

The Teaching Thief