Let me first say I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE TEACHING KIDDOS!!!!!! I live it and breath it. In one conversation I can talk up some fun educational programs. I love my days with the kids, teaching, listening, all that sappy stuff. I love cordinating volunteers, guest speakers, finding weird things (like cuban tarantulas) to bring in to peak the kids' interest. I love long chapter books with aweful movies to make kids love reading better. I love poetry, silly poetry, rhymeee poetry, ocean poetry, scary poetry, shape poetry, poetry by boys (cause it has flair), and gut holding hilarious poetry. I lLOVE seeing the spark when a kid realizes for the first time, that we ARE learning about the WORLD around us. Past, present and future. I love seeing kids problem solve in class and for the world. I cherish those moments when they take an idea like writing persuasive letters and take the initiative to write to leaders and companies. I love getting the kids to realize for the first time.... the little, mean, and weird things are important in life, like bugs, bees, sharks, snakes, bacteria, germs and microscopic things. I savor those magical moments when children find things related to topics and discover something new under a microscope, when what they believed was... is actually _____. I'm embarassed when people read or fix my grammar, because I'm a thinker and talker and grammar is NOT my strongest area. I can admit my weakness and move on. I hope the kids learn their weakness and adjust to become stronger and continue to add to their strengths ________________ totally lost my train of thought. Okay, my train is off its' track entirely.... I'm derailed somewhere in freaking Arkansas...........
I love NICE teachers that will brainstorm, think and create inspiring things for kids. There are so many awesome teachers out there!!!!! I think teachers have an influence on their surrounding kids, even when they don't directly teach them. I think teacher assistants, office staff and everyone else reach and teach in all the areas we miss on a large scale. Every teacher has something awesome to bring to the table!
I firmly believe parents are our biggest ally and supporter. Without a supportive parent, children _________. (you can fill in your own opinion) I think great parents can take any school day and turn it into learning situation. Parents are the greatest partner a teacher can have and can reach kids on a level we cannot. I think the hardest thing a parent can do is send thier child to a public, private, charter, whatever school, because you do not know what their day was like, but have to figure it out and continue to mold your child to be the strong person you hope for them.
I support the public school system at its fullest and know every thing has kinks and flaws. I also support everyone's way of teaching and educating their child in whatever choice they make for thier kid. I very much dislike people who think their way is the only right way and are not open to change or they do everything perfect. Sorry, if you are one of those people, please don't leave a comment, because I would hate for my 4 large great danes and tortoise to take a big crap in your yard tonight! Train off track again.... sorry. I love all the opportunities that (any) school has to offer.
BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It might just be ME.......................... ( I love dots)
I can't find ONE reason to put an 8 or 9 year old through a 4 hour test twice. I get we 'need' to standardize our kids, tell them to think outside the box then test them in a box, but when I sit with someone's child for four long silent hours with silent breaks and silent lunch (because we cannot break testing security). They try hard all year and do their best then are subjected to a 58 question reading test, math, math, science, etc. I get middle and high schooly maybe ( honestly, I can't say, haven't taught it, like others who have done it all) Let's take a ten year old child, kid, crumb snatcher, whatever you want to call that sweet child of someone. They are in 5th grade. Maybe they don't pass, reading, math, math, and science. They have to painfully work thier hearts and butts off a second round to meet state standards? That's 8 days of testing a 10 year old.... YIKES. I seriously want to be a whistle blower and start making changes. However, it takes a majority to take a stand and create change. I am just one person... and not at the top of the state totem pole or poll.
I love my job... really.
I don't think I have ever taken a 4 hour test in college or any where...
Are we getting our kids college ready, or should we focus on creative thinking, project building, and complex things...
I love science olympiad, science fair and math fair... because kids wonder, plan, think, change, write, research, discover....
I know I sound ridiculous.... Just had to say it.
I will probably feel better tomorrow. I just had to test for four hours. Kinda crummy:( We are on to bigger, better and FUNNNNNNNER *** things tomorrow.... incase any of my kids read this:) Wait... that's against policy to be friends with a kid. HA!~ Tara

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