Sleepless nights in Southport

And my 18month old baby is sleeping.  How is this right?

Did you know I LOVE integrating all subjects/arts with my classroom?
Now you do.

Here is a great site for global projects you can do and share with other teachers across our great nation.

1. First read about the project and make sure you are willing to commit to completing and sharing your information.
2. Register your class: FREE
3.  COmplete the AMAZING learning project with your kids.
4.  Turn in your data.
5.  Review your results and results other classes came up with your children.
6.  Ooops, don't forget to take pictures of .... fun learning.

I have registered my class for the awesome art project.  Our class will work on one large picture that will complete a mural with 14 other classes.  What a fun ART project huh?  They also have fun MATH, READING, and WRITING projects. 

Click on the link to find out more about the projects and rules.

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