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Hello Blog Friends~
I have submitted and received approval for three fitness ball chairs on Donor's Choose.  If you have extra cash just floating around and you want to help a kid (and a teacher) out, please consider donating to our classroom.  You can view the entire project details at .  Thanks for taking the time to read this. ~ Tara

~ Hi again,
After thinking last night, I thought to myself... 'Self, you did not tell them about these fitness balls.  Don't you think they would like to understand the reasoning behind this erroneous idea?'

So here is some of the research I came across in order to try to help my wiggly students.  I wish I would have had fitness ball chairs as a child.

And YES a list...
1.  Students are able to make small movements to stay focused on the task. 
2.  Students are able to have better posture at their seat.
3.  All students can have their feet touching the floor, allowing them to have better circulation in their legs.
4.  Squishier than a hard chair.  (That's my idea, but I'm sure the consensus.)
5.  I don't hear chairs from fidgety kids scooting, scraping, scratching the floor as we learn.

You may be interested in fitness ball chairs for your class.  I'd love to hear how it goes.  I'll let you know WHEN we get ours.  :)  Have fun teaching~ Tara

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Jodi Youngman said...

If you don't have carpet, you will have squeaking constantly! Several of our teachers have them for their whole classroom, one doesn't have carpet and is looking into getting carpet squares because they are making her nuts!