To do list

Hi my name is Tara. 
I am a list maker.  I make lists.
I have made lists since I can remember.
So, all my bloggy friends...
I am going to my classroom tomorrow,
Because everyone is posting pictures of their fantastic rooms and I need to get a move on.
So here is my list.

Things to do in classroom:
Meet with grade level about teaming this year.
Organize my book shelves.
Create one or two bulletin boards.
General set up of tables and student desks.

Things to share on blog:
More back to school sheets for information, technology, forms
Book report collaboration and ideas
Reading workshop and schedule with ideas
Reveal my NEWEST class pet.
Terracycle recycling program
Neat sites
And I'm sure there is more....

So thanks all you wonderful people for sharing all your ideas on your blogs, you truly inspire me and make me love what I do more and more.  I'll post pictures tomorrow. Chow.

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