I Found the Money Tree

Well so much for lists... I got two things finished.  Met with grade level. Check.  Here is a post about how to earn cold hard.... cash.

Do you remember the song, "I want money, lots and lots of money...." 
Well, shhhhhhh, because we're not supposed to talk about the budget, but.....
I FOUND THE MONEY TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a chance to upcycle lots of products you use and throw away for cash!  That's right $$$$$ for your school!  Just by recycling capri pouches!  I was a little skeptic the first year (two years ago) and we earned $200.00!  Wait, but that's not all!

This year we began collecting elmer's glue sticks in addition to capris and let me tell you...
DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A whoppin $474.00 That's right baby!

You might think, that's not a lot of money or that won't go a long way.... You're right and wrong
#1 That is better than nothing, and beggers can't be choosers
#2  This is approximately divided among 20 teachers so that is about 25 dollars each

Here's the thing, if it's going in the trash anyway, why not get a little change?  I'm just saying.

So that's my brainaic idea for the new school year.  I have some forms and things I use to keep up with everything and how the teachers track what they earn.  I have designated capri captains that box everything.  This year, each third grade teacher is going to man their own item for the school.  For example, I will take capri pouches since they take the most effort (and can get goooy), my partner will take glue sticks, another will take used pens, another butter bowls, so on.  You pick what you want to recycle and earn the money.

It is great for teaching kids to be good stewards of our earth!
Here's the link....http://www.terracycle.net/?format=html&locale=en-US
If you have any questions about how we got this up and running at our school please ask.  Sayanara~Tara

So after I posted this... I went shopping.  Here are some of the supplies we received with our recycled money:  7 packs of multicolored card stock, 6 packs of bright paper, 50 composition notebooks, 3 packs of expo marker kits, multicolored pens, paper clips, post its, thumb tacks/magnet/clip combo packs, and soooo much more. 

I'm hoping we can get on the solo cup brigade next.

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