Student Planners

I know school is a very dirty word right now! LOL BUT----- I have a surprise for you!!

Nautical Student Planners will be a flash freebie tomorrow ONLY!!

If you download them, don't forget to give me some feedback love! Also, you will be eligible for free updates each year without having to purchase a new one.

This year we needed to implement an AVID binder with our fifth grade kiddos.  Well, I went straight to my go to source.  Pinterest, then Teachers Pay Teachers.  Well, I couldn't find anything that really fit what I was looking for.  Additionally, we had to begin implementing notebook checks next year, but purchasing planners are so expensive and print shop won't print them with a copyright. So I evaded the printshop police (in a joking way) and made my own.

Neener, Neener, Neener!!!

NOW you can have student planners for your kiddos too! These are great for elementary and middle school students. Parents- You can print your own for your kiddo too! But don't forget, download them tomorrow.  They will be pretty inexpensive afterwards just for you! 

Happy Monday- XOXO

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