Cultural Diversity Frozen Song "Let it Go"

Wow, all I can say is AMAZING!  Okay, I've done a little bit of research to figure out just who, what, where, this all took place.  My girls absolutely loved Frozen, they loved this MORE!

Alex Boye' is a notable singer and songwriter that is up and coming.  He is becoming quickly famous for adding an African Tribal twist to current popular pop music.  He has collaborated with Bruno Mars  and Lexi Walker (who is featured in this video).  He has several remakes of popular music that is current now.  His parents are from Nigeria, however, Alex was born and raised mostly in London, England.  This is pretty amazing because his parents are from the continent Africa, raised in London, and now lives and a citizen of the United States of America.  Anyone else seeing how our roots from Great Britain and Africa all merging to make the great Nation we live in today.  Am I being a little cheesy? 

I'm busy working on a connection activity for these videos... coming soon as a freebie!

This video is filmed in the Ice Castles in Midway Utah.  Ummmm, Ya, who knew?  I consider myself pretty knowledgable on most days.  Ha

I'm definitely going to work on a Smiles for Life theme with my fifth graders!  Love it!!

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