All things Chevron Editable Newsletters!

I love summer!!!!

I get so much around the house accomplished when I feel like I stay behind all year long.  Don't worry, it'll be one week into school and I'll be swamped. 

Until then... create, pin, share! Or other way around?  Anyhow...

Here is a Chevron Newsletter file that is PowerPoint so it is editable.  Of course the images are locked into place per request of the digital wonder ladies that created it!  Can you say amazing digital gurus?

Let me just say... curse you internet....
I'm so ADHD...
I start on one thing...
Then I'm like,
What's going on over on facebook,
Who is posting pictures on instagram,
Lemme check my email,
Why are people in love with candy crush,
I'll check my messages on TPT,
Did anyone post of facebook,
Wait a minute, did I read my principal's email to the end???
Go back to email,
Oh, I was working on a new document....
hmmmmm, what's going on over on facebook,
I need to email my grade level,
I forgot to check pinterest,
I just got a text,
I ammmmmm soooo distracted!!!

So, finally....


Here is your preview!!!!   I'm so thankful for all the great teachers out there that share ideas on blogs, pinterest, etc.  You guys are terrific!

And I would love if you had any suggestions or positive feedback.  I think $2.00 is a pretty low price for these beautiful newsletters, don't you?  I guess we'll see soon!  The link to purchase them can be followed by clicking on the picture! 

~ Tara

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