These are the fabulous vocabulators you will read about on Melissa Forney's website.  I have created a document to make it easier to label and laminate synonym vocabulary for the words we 'murder' in class.  Here are the simple steps... hehehe...

These were so much fun to make----SYKE!!!  I used recycled Parmesan cheese containers instead of paying for new containers.  Think green right, wrong, think broke.... :)

I used tape to laminate the two sides together then trimmed with scissors.

Put the words inside the rice and don't forget the cute things that help represent the word you're trying to replace.  For example, the big container can have dinosaurs, trucks, etc.

Here we have from left to right.  Color words, Like words, Big words, Cold words
When I finish my character traits and other bottles I will post the document so you too can make your own vocabulators.  I also have some ideas to use with vocabulary centers too.  After I survive the first week of school.  Love ya bloggy friends~ Chow- Tara

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