Meet the Teacher, Blog Hoppin'

Well here goes...
I'm not grammatically skilled with grammar and I'm a total list maker.
So I figured I would start with number one and see how far I get.
1.  I'm not perfect, but I know who is and He gets me through this crazy, amazing life.
2. Yes, that is me picking a moose's nose and yes that is the most understanding and wonderful husband in the world. (I think any man who married a teacher is.)
3.  My two beautiful daughters Hannah and Phoebe are growing up so fast I constantly search for the pause button!  Pictures, pictures, and video!
4.  I have had a crazy childhood, I was born in Royal Oak Michigan, lived most of my child hood in Crystal River Florida, a little bit here and there and wound up in Southport, North Carolina.  Which is the best of all the worlds combined. 
5.  I am so random..... one conversation with me and you will totally understand the 20 hamster wheels going on in my head.
6.  I enjoy really good food and when I'm having a bad day, there is nothing better than fixing or eating a five course dinner.
7.  I had some great teachers, don't get me wrong, but I mostly became a teacher because I thought learning can be so much more fun!
8.  I love literature groups and group projects, we all have strengths and weaknesses and everyone has something to bring to the table.
9.  I love real world learning.  With all the EOG testing, it is a big pet peeve when teachers leave out science and social studies to hammer reading and math.   I just want to hit them on the forehead! 
10. I love anything related to the ocean.  My teammate said this year, it looks like someone threw up fish all over your room.
11. I enjoy making UNITS! 
12. I cannot organize.... thus the lists....
13.  I have 5 USBs, I don't know where they all are and they are all full of home made teacher stuff (crap)  that I will tediously make again, because I don't know where I saved the file.
14.  I love lists.  NO.  I'm in love with lists.

15.  My heart is in missions.... I want to work in Haiti with my friends and spend time with children who will suck in every ounce of love you can give them. 
16.  When I grow up I want to be a pirate or a mermaid at Weekie Wachie Springs.

17.  I currently have 9 class pets, Chinchilla: Geronimo or mo mo for short, Hedgehog, Mr. Prickle Pants who is engaged to be married in the spring to Miss Roxie, African Spurr thigh tortoise named King TUt, four beiber fish, Eenie, meenie, minee, and mo, and spontaneous residents of crickets that get fed to Bubbles our oscar.
18.  I have been in Open House all day, therefore, my grammar is especially atrocious.
19.  I love children!  Ones who love school and have somewhat normal lives are easier to teach.  BUT I LOVE seeing a child who doesn't like school so much, LOVE school by the end of third grade.
20.  I have a bad habit of USING CAPS and ..... in lots of places I shouldn't.
21.  I enjoy brainstorming and learning new ways to teach with other awesome teachers.
22.  I enjoy finding fossils of past marine animals while diving 130 feet below sea level. 
23.  I HEART sharks!
24.  If I could live on a beach in a bathing suit, I totally would. 
25.  I hope this hasn't been too boring to read, I feel like I'm a boring person compared to some.
26.  I worked on my national boards for three years and I'm five points from getting it this fall!
27.  I really want to learn how to make my blog rock and how to make cool files like Hope, Amanda, Ashleigh, and Beth!!!!  So anyone who wants to take me under their wing, I'd love some help..... I have some cool stuff to share.... If not, time will shape me up.

Nighty, night, blog buddies.  MUAHHH!

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