Science Journals

Take two!  I was trying to save my science journal as a jpeg and lost my post.  So here we go again.  I will figure this blog world out soon enough to really impress someone.  I'm not sure who yet. 

I loath reinventing the wheel, so when I came across many ideas I have previously made, I really felt convicted to get my ideas out there.  In hopes that someone will find a shortcut. 

I have two adorable girls and surfing the internet for the right idea or making it from scratch is not always a luxury I have nowadays. 

Ps. I should probably post in my information, I'm not a super grammar person, so don't judge me! Lol

Also, I'm sooooo new at all of this and can't figure out how to put them in order and the file is too large for google docs...:(  Maybe I won't be so good at this after all.

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Terrah said...

It seems the file is too large to post the whole document on google docs. Any ideas would be great... Thanks-