Bring a Vet to School Day

I'm so excited.
A new tradition is about to pop up for our grade level ( I hope).

Time for Kids in addition to the History Channel is sponsoring Bring a Vet to School Day.  In our county, we have a chopped up three day week during Veteran's Day week.  So this is perfect for small mini lessons on Veteran's Day.  For those of you who may not know a whole lot on the subject the following link has a bunch of resources. They even offer free 30 wristbands for your kids, I brought a vet to school day! 

We are going to allow our kids to bring a snack and have a small spread for the Veterans.  The vets will watch a video of the kids and many different child-like meanings of being an American.  Then we will have a standard three questions they can talk with the kids about.  We will encourage the children to hold their questions until the end.  Hopefully, we will end with a sweet picture of our fabulous day with pieces of our American History among us. 

A must read aloud to your kids is The Wall by Eve Bunting!  Wow, try to hold back the tears.
I am so proud to be an American!